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The power exchange is the hub of the electricity market, and the market price for electricity is determined on the power exchange’s spot market. The actors on the spot market are producers, retailers and traders as well as large end users.

The majority of producers sell their electricity on the spot market, where short-term trade in electrical power is done via day-ahead auctions. During the trading process, electricity producers must send their sale offers (for the amount of electricity they are prepared to deliver at various prices during the 24 hours of the following day) to the power exchange by 12 noon on the day before the power is delivered to the grid.

Electricity retailers must send their purchase orders (corresponding to the amount of electricity they believe customers will consume during the 24 hours of the following day), and the amount they are willing to pay. The market price is then used by electricity retail companies to set the price of electricity for end consumers (the “electricity retail price”).

But where do you store your energy before/during/after trading?

Any question?


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