FITA Energy Solutions can provide a variety of Energy Storage Cabinets for Grid Stabilization, Backup Power and as an EV Charger power supply.

The FITA Energy Solutions Power Cabinet offers small-medium scale energy storage solutions to stabilize the grid, retain high operational reliability and provide power for EV charging stations. The cabinet can be configured for different energy storage capacities from 99 kWh up to 198 kWh. These cabinets can also be combined to achieve capacities > 200kWh. For convenient maintenance and monitoring, the system can be paired with automated and on-demand services.

The decentralization of electricity generation and an increased number of non-manageable renewable sources are increasing the irregularity in electric grids. This creates new challenges for transmission and distribution system operators. Commercial and industrial customers can reduce their overall energy costs and increase reliability via load optimization enablement paired with a redundant power source.

FITA Energy Solutions Cygnus platform offers remote monitoring and management of your energy storage portfolio and can compile Cabinets into a virtual power plant making it possible to handle large set of containers as one object.

Range specification

Maximum AC-power 50-120 kVA
Rated AC-power 50-120 kW at (cos ϕ) = 1
Rated grid voltage  400 V, +/-10%, 3~/PE, TN
Rated grid frequency 50 Hz
Power frequency accuracy 44-55 Hz
Maximum AC-current according to Power
Power factor (cos ϕ) 0 – 1
AC-current distortion (THD) < 1-5%
Cell Technology Li-ion (LFP)
Battery Cabinet Energy 99.54 kWh
Battery Cabinet Capacity 148 Ah
Battery System Nominal Voltage 672 Vdc
Battery Module Quantity in one rack 21 pcs
Battery Module Energy 4.74 kWh
Battery Module Capacity 148 Ah
Battery Module Nominal Voltage 32 Vdc
Depth of Discharge 80% (10~90%)
Operation Life (Years) 10+
Operation Cycle Life 3500
Outdoor ambient temperature -10°C ~ +40°C
Battery storage temperature -20°C ~ +60°C

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